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The Book Called “The Tao Of Malayang Anyo”

I haven’t been writing a lot lately. Newspapers deliver the same old news, and most journals are all about glamour. In my recent discussion with a few friends in the media, everybody is talking about The Southeast Asian Games held in Singapore that didn’t create much impact in terms of attracting the attention of most of our countrymen. There’s not much news to share.

But here’s something that’s not really new, only because a few knows about it. I am extremely happy that someone finally thought of sharing a great pile of  information and put it on print. I came across a book by Perry Gil Mallari called “The Tao Of Malayang Anyo”. I never endorse any book on strength and conditioning except a decade ago when I was still active in sports fighting doing Matt Furey’s strength programs.

Here’s why The Tao Of Malayang Anyo is interesting; The author put into words what I have been doing all these years. And I have been doing only 2 things; A lot of thinking and A lot of action. What about sleep? That’s part of my thinking stage.  For this reason, I wake up with new ideas that I can execute into action. I often wake up in the wee hours of the night just to work on an idea.

I am in my prime, and very glad to say that I have not acquired any physical training related injuries. All my injuries were obtained outside of my workout room when situations are not under my control. I am in the stage of my life where I should be taking it easy, and be aware of how I put physical stress on myself. But I kept my strength and still functional since 15 years ago, and I did it because of my strong mental workout that goes with my physical exercises.

Here’s what I’m trying to say; go to any fitness center and tell me how many people are aware of what they were really doing? Observe how most of the members are lifting weights and leaving them on the floor after using, despite of the numerous polite notices on the walls to return them after use. As soon as they finish pumping blood to their muscles, their brain dies. It cannot read and it cannot understand. I have argued with thousands of gym idiots to respect those signs, but with no luck. Another example is when most members pump 10 repetitions and suddenly go “blank”, spending 10 minutes of rest, sitting down on the same machine, or walking around the area, or watching other members, etc.

Most of my friends who come to me for advice regardless of what the problem is, I always recommend exercise. BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES.

I get all sorts of expressions and curses. Most of them are not willing to swap their gym memberships for a homestyle workout . I am not suggesting to stop your trip to the fitness centers, but bodyweight exercises have endless benefits and not just body toning. I’ve been saying this for many years now… “The Mind and The Body can work together to protect ourselves against illness”. Too much depression, miseries, despair, unhappiness, these are just some of the things living in our minds that can be taken out or be avoided or at least be controlled by doing bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight exercises connects your mind to your body while doing natural movements that you thought are easy. To make it sound funny, these are movements done by babies when they were playing. Any person who developed mental and physical strength through bodyweight exercises are very agile and quick to think of solutions. If you’re an athlete of any sport, THIS is what you definitely need. Even for those who are not into sports, such as every CEO that I know of who participates in bodyweight exercise sessions have more solutions than problems inside the board room. There is confidence in the way they carry themselves, and the energy is always fully charged.

The Tao Of Malayang Anyo is a must read book. Take my word for it. What the fitness centers can’t give you, this can book can.malayang anyo book