Thoughts knock!

After a long time, I can write again.  I stopped writing a year and a half ago, I lost interest in most of the things that I do.  I can’t call it a burn out, it’s only a phase that I have to go through.  I copy pasted all my blogs to my folder and decided to turn off the lights.

Even my favorite silver and gold Parker pen’s ink dried up.  Wow, I never knew that it can happen to a Parker pen.  I use to have a collection of different gel pens with .07 tip, the kind I use to transfer the images in my mind to the bright white bond paper.  Some I threw away, some remained.  A few were stolen.

There’s plenty of things to do now, and plenty of things to write.  My brain is overflowing but some garbage called stress is clogging the thoughts that are knocking to come out.  Enjoy the pages my friends.


3 responses to “Thoughts knock!

  1. Andrey Afanasev

    I read a post about persecution of October 12, 2012.
    And who is engaged in your persecution and distribution of hearings Deniyel?
    Whether it is possible to be more concrete in this case?

  2. hello andrey, I am sorry for the late reply. I did not notice this message immediately.
    please email to me at
    how are you?

  3. Hi Mumbakki, I’m your biggest fan. I’m dreaming of meeting you in person someday. Take care!

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