Just Because

On Sunday,  2nd of July 2017, my friends were divided because of the Manny Paquiao versus Jeff Horn fight.  Half of my friends celebrated with the Australian boxer’s victory, and half stood their ground with almost violent reactions regarding the controversial unanimous decision.   For some reasons, many Filipinos started hating Paquiao when he became a statesman and in support of the newly elected President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

I’m not going to talk about politics now, it’s a never ending issue to be discussed. Hate the Senator as much as you want with the basis that he had not done anything good yet for the country.  But we’ve seen him wave the Philippine flag a gazillion times to represent us, the Filipinos, didn’t we?  We know what Paquiao have done for the country, and yet we chose to overlook those achievements simply because we do not want him to have his own seat in the parliament.

We are already divided by politics, we are already divided by religion, and when a first class athlete steps into the ring to give us pride, we choose to get divided one more time.  Ang sisira sa isang Pilipino ay Pilipino rin.  It’s easy to explain why we can’t get along and support our own product.  When a Filipino sees a good product making it worldwide, his reaction is to criticise rather than to praise.  To make a good name for the sake of our country and countrymen is not easy.  We always go for what is easier which is complete disapproval.  End of the story.

What else is there to hate in the person of Manny Paquiao aside from his participation in politics?  If we can’t trust him as a lawmaker, then we still have the other 23 Senators who can take care of the law, yes?  The man is known around the world as a superior Filipino athlete, already a rich Filipino man, a Filipino billionaire, something that most of us wanted to become.  Shall we hate him for that too?

We all have the freedom to chose our own bets.  And yes, we can always give our support to the one who is against our own.  But when the fight is over and we lost the battle, do we realise how happy we are that we trashed our own flag bearer?


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