The Crocop vs Gonzaga part 2, and the upcoming Lyoto Machida vs Luke Rockhold fight.

The Crocop vs Gonzaga rematch, and the upcoming
Lyoto Machida vs Luke Rockhold fight.

Mirko Crocop is known to be the scariest headhunter in the ring. This legendary striker made a name in Japan’s famous K1 full contact matches and Pride Fighting Championships. Anybody who steps in the ring with Crocop will surely have to hide their heads when the Croatian begins to swing his baseball bat legs in the air.

In 2007, Mirko Crocop tasted a very painful defeat when Gabriel Gonzaga, a Brazillian, gave Crocop his own dose of medicine and knocked him out via head kick, in UFC 70. There was a 7 year silence from the Crocop camp. But thanks to the MMA promoters who still believe in the power of the Croatian, and called out Gonzaga to face the guy he put to sleep and face him one more time in UFC Fight Night 64 in Krakow, Poland on April 11, 2015.

7 years put on a lot of weight in the physique of Mirko, and his lightning fast moves seem to have faded a bit. Gonzaga threw a lot of punches in the first round that shook Crocop and made him think twice about getting closer to the Brazilian. Victory was almost seen from the Gonzaga corner when a hard takedown put the Croatian under a mount and received a rain of good pounding. Both attempted to leg lock each other but neither got the leverage to complete the lock.

After both men were able to go back to their feet, another takedown from Gonzaga was applied. The armbar attempt was suppose to finish Crocop but it didn’t happen. The 3rd round gave Crocop a deep cut from the agressive Gabriel Gonzaga, and the Croatian, slowly and carefully looking for an opening, found a free space where he can insert his left elbow for Gonzaga to eat.
The elbow rocked the Brazilian down. Still careful, Mirko Crocop accurately placed every punch to where it should be, shaking the head and bloodying Gonzaga to finish the fight.

The whole Tauron Arena in Poland was roaring in cheers as Mirko Crocop raised his hands up to celebrate his victory.
Lyoto Machida vs Luke Rockhold

Scheduled to fight on April 18, 2015 in Newark, New Jersey will be the number 2 ranked fighter in the UFC, Lyoto Machida versus the number 4 Ranked fighter, Luke Rockhold.

If you want to predict as to who will be the top dog after 5 rounds, here are details about these octagon warriors:

Machida collected 22 wins but half of it were left for the judges to score. Rockhold collected 13 wins mostly via submission. Machida’s knocking out power is 40% higher than Rockhold who only has 30%. Both fighters can defend a takedown, but Machida can take down an opponent more accurately than Rockhold. Both fighters can strike, only Machida can place his punches in the proper target area.

If Luke Rockhold can finish this fight in the first 2 rounds, then he need not worry about the longevity of Machida. Otherwise, Lyoto Machida can either knock Rockhold out cold in the later rounds, or get the judges decision via scores.


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