Paquiao and Mayweather, Finally !

After a hundred years of waiting for the fight to happen, The Philippine fist, Manny Paquiao, will finally be seen slugging with Floyd Mayweather. If there’s anybody and anything we need to be thankful for making this fight a reality, that would be Floyd Mayweather, for having a hard time coming up with a million more reasons to evade kissing Paquiao’s leather gloves, and thank the the community of boxing fans for making Floyd’s world a smaller place to hide.
It took Floyd a hundred years to gather his guts, his terms and conditions, and his lame strategy of announcing to fight Paquiao only 2 months before the big fight day. Come on boxing fans, for all we know, in fact a huge possibility, Floyd Mayweather started training months ahead as part of his game plan to beat the Filipino boxing congressman. Paquiao almost gave everything on a deal just to make this fight happen.

The big question is always, who’s arm will be raised in the air? So let’s analyse these men’s most obvious front weapon; the jab. Mayweather uses his jab to set up his next blow, while Paquiao throws his jab with a gun powder. Looking at Mayweather’s most recent fights, his jabs connects with a force just enough to make his opponents pay attention for what’s coming next, and Paquiao’s jab is part of his footwork as he advance forward for an attack.

From adam, Manny Paquiao’s footwork and feints is always unreadable. This is where Floyd Mayweather can use an extra antenna to monitor Paquiao’s next location. Hell, Mayweather needs a satellite dish. If MGM Grand does not have enough signal for Floyd’s dish, he can kiss all of us goodnight before the 3rd round begins. But hey, every boxing coach I talk to was saying that Floyd Mayweather is so far the most accurate boxer. But none of them coaches told me next to who. Every boxing champion who can connect beautifully in setting up a knock out is darn accurate. This is what boxing is all about isn’t it?

Did you know that one of Floyd Mayweather’s serious request to be a part of the deal before signing the contract to fight Manny Paquiao is that, Manny will not be allowed to ask for a rematch in case Manny Losses to Mayweather, even by 1 point.
But in case Floyd losses to Manny, he can always ask for a rematch, a drug test to be conducted on Manny, and all his requests to be a priority.

Just wondering though, is KFC really one of Floyd Mayweather’s sponsor?


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