Affirmation Of Support For Mumbakki Daniel Foronda

Affirmation of Support for Daniel “Mumbakki” Foronda

We, friends, colleagues, business partners and brothers in the Filipino Martial Arts swear and affirm our full support for Daniel “Mumbakki” Foronda, who is being harassed and maligned through blatant lies on the Internet by persons of dubious background and self-serving intentions.

Mumbakki is a successful businessman, visual artist, athlete, martial arts competitor, and propagator of FMA both in the Philippines and other countries, most especially in The Russian Federation. He has been writing articles in search for truth about the history of FMA, it’s roots from Eskrima and Arnis de Mano. In doing so, he has become the target of a malicious campaign launched by a group whose credibility is under scrutiny in his blogs and by many other FMA researchers. The head of this group who is attacking Mumbakki’s character has been known to spread fabricated stories, ridiculous myths – in short, blatant lies – of its FMA lineage and history.

We condemn this attack on the person of Mumbakki, whose decency, integrity, and honesty are beyond doubt. It is unfortunate that his passion for excellence in the martial arts has caused him trouble. His personal milestones speak volumes of a man who has dedicated his life not only to the practice and propagation of FMA, seeking to restore its historical accuracy and preserve its cultural legacy. He has become larger than life because of his combat skills, courage, compassion, generosity, and integrity.

If such attack and character assassination will continue from the head and any guros of the said group, WE,  the unified Filipino Grandmasters and respective groups/systems of the Filipino Martial Arts will take this matter to the court of law, thereby exposing more of the shameful acts committed by the subject in question against innocent people who trusted him.  Any member of this group who will continue the malicious attack over the internet will be dealt with in the same manner.

We hereby announce our support;

Grandmaster Bobby “Silver” Tabimina; Tabimina Balintawak

Grandmaster Yuli Epifanio Romo ; Ilustrisimo  Bahad Zu’bu,

Grandmaster Rodrigo “Drigo” Maranga ; Combat Eskrima Maranga

Grandmaster Nicomedes Elizar ; Nickelstick Eskrima

Grandmaster Eduardo Ceniza;  Baraw Sugbu

Tuhon Pat O’Malley;  Rapid Arnis International

The Alliance Of Philippine Combat Arts In The Russian Federation

Pendakar Ibrahim Hushin; Kuntau Nuk Silatan Rho, Mindanao

Master Sali Nagarajen;  Naga Silat Kuntau

Master Shelley Javier Millspaugh;  Ernesto Presas Kombatan/ Kapatirang Mandirigma

Professor Felipe Jocano Jr. ;  University of The Philippines; College of Anthropology

Master James Sy Jr.;  Philippine Historian, Bacolod City

Master Maxwell Maun, Martial arts historian, Bacolod City

Master Paul Taneo; Cat Commando Karate Clan, Chian Hsi Chuan Internal Arts, Cebu City

Celestino C. Macachor, author; Cebuano Eskrima: Beyond the Myth

Dr. Ned RA Nepangue, author; Cebuano Eskrima: Beyond the Myth

Master Devaney Tupas; Karay-a Uno Blanco Eskrima

Master Erwin Almagro; Eskrima de Campo JDC-IO

Michael Johnson; Advance Special Weapons and Tactics Trainor, USA

Jaime Andres Marin Gonzales; FMA Maestro, Santiago Chille

The Filipino Warrior Arts Research Society:

(Represented by the members of the following groups):

• Mandirigmang Kaliradman

• Balintawak Eskrima

• Ultimate Eskrima (Liborio Heyrosa de Cuerdas)

• Eskrima de Campo JDC-IO

• Illustrisimo Kalis

• Lameco

• Dan Inosanto Kali (selected members)

• Baraw Sugbu

• Bahad Zu’bu Ground Zero Ultimatum

• Soteco System

• Rapido Realismo

• Combatan Arnis

• Moro Orabes Heneral

• Silat (9 styles)

• Karay-a Uno Blanco

• Cabales

• Kuntau

• Eskrima de Alimbolos

• Esgrima Abella

• Juego Todo Eskrima

• Modern Arnis Systems

• Doce Pares Eskrima

• Combat Eskrima Maranga

• Nickelstick Eskrima

• Lapulapu Vinas Arnis

• Classic Eskrima

• Combat Kinematics

• Conceptual Martial Arts (Conceptual Arnis)

• Herada Pigada

• Kalis Silat

• Lapu-Lapu Viñas Arnis

• Oido de Caburata

• Cebu Academia de Escrima

* Sugbo Largo Mano   

Those who wish to express their support to this campaign, please feel free to contact any of the representatives of the Filipino Warrior Arts Research Society and we will include your group in the list.  The quest to search for the true history of the FMA will continue without any threat coming from anybody and any group.


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