Overusing the words; Ancestors, Forefathers, and Culture

All martial arts have roots.  Whenever the history of one art is being told, the words Ancestors and forefathers are always present.  It’s the same as telling a story about our FMA, be it real, a myth, or a legend.  Mentioning the words ancestors and forefathers is one good way of convincing the readers.  Every culture has a story to tell.  And in every story, the ancestors and the forefathers are always the main characters.

But what did our Filipino ancestors really taught us?  I have a credible background to talk about ancestors and forefathers because the tribe were we belong to, always speak about the greatness of our ancestors in artworks, in music, in agriculture, and yes… in battles.  None among our forefathers ever talk about destroying the reputation of one man who is in search for truth.  If our dignity is put into questions, we answer it from our hearts and reveal the truth, because the real native ancestors and forefathers are God-fearing people, not puppet masters.

None of our ancestors and forefathers taught us how to be egoistic and insecure.  None of them taught us how to be greedy, or to get drunk with money and power, and be overly ambitious.  Those who spoke and accuse us, native men, about these things are probably describing themselves.

In one of my articles, I have written that a member of a tribe who truly believes in the goodness of God will never sell a land with fake titles because a land is a very important property for every person.  Our ancestors did not teach us to borrow money and forget the responsibilities of paying our debts.  Much more, our forefathers never taught us how to lure other people into doing dirty businesses because cheating is not a part of our culture.  Fathers will never take the savings of their sons, and brothers will never steal the possession of his own brother.

Those who have the nerve to speak about the native ancestors and forefathers as if they are blood thirsty people who wants only to kill and be at war is not credible to speak on their behalf.  There are those who speak about the love and care of their ancestors, but none of those words are being practiced by them.  The true culture of the native people that speak well about our ancestors and forefathers are found in our museums, books, old homes, and universities. And the rest of of their good deeds are found in us, the real sons and real grandsons with real lineage.

Our ancestors and forefathers does not speak ill against anybody, nor command their members to get together and silence the one who finds his way in search for a better light.  If one member of the tribe wishes for knowledge, they are not fed with lies, and they are certainly not forced to swallow only what is being told to them.  This is why the native people are combined tribes of fine artists, great musicians, intelligent politicians, superb athletes, and to my mind…great warriors who will dare to go head on to anybody who gives threats and attempts scare tactics that are actually empty words of any insecure men who seem to have lost their candies under the sofa.

Our ancestors and forefathers never taught us to cover our evil intentions by dressing up like a military officer. Even in our loin clothes and bare feet, we are men of honor.  We owe nobody but we are deep in gratitude.  We do not play god, but we show our fellow men the wonders of His works.  We respect other men’s possessions, and we condemn incest.  For our daughters are our angels, and not objects of desires.

The culture of the Filipino people is vast and wide.  We are not limited only to fighting.  Our ancestors and forefathers are first and foremost believers of God.  And by doing so, they know how to respect other tribes, other styles of fighting, and their respective principles.  None among our ancestors and forefathers are thieves who gets slapped in the middle of a cultural gathering.  Debt of gratitude is well taught to us by our parents, who learned it from our ancestors and forefathers that molded our culture.


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